As a Dallas Newborn Photographer and Mom of Three, Here’s What I Wish I Could Tell Every New Mom 

Dallas Newborn Photographer




  1. […] the photos in April right after her youngest daughter’s birth. But, as often happens in the newborn days, life got busy and we kept having to reschedule. We ultimately weren’t able to set a date until […]

  2. […] my third baby on the way, I know from experience that the newborn days can be a little crazy. When you’re up half the night and tending to everyone’s needs but your […]

  3. […] to feel a little scary, for the adjustment to take time, and for you to take the rest you need. If I could go back and talk to myself as a first-time mom, I’d let myself know that these days are hard and you don’t have to enjoy every minute, but […]

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